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Above the Pavement: A City Fair
( June 15 , 2013 )

During Version Festival 13 we launched a one day outdoor/indoor mini festival that will become an annual event. It is the SMALLest city fair in the world! Imagine a boutique flea market with good food meeting a county fair without rides and throw in some live music and community building, and it becomes: Above the Pavement: A City Fair.​

Above the Pavement took place in Bridgeport during the day from 1pm - 7pm-ish at the intersection of 31st and Morgan Street, in the Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar and Pleasant House Bakery complex. Members of the Small Manufacturing Alliance (SMAll) sold their wares and local chefs served food.

​Participants included:

Animalia Bizarre, Blue Cabbage Designs, Bonnie, CALM, Cassie Tompkins, Cheshire Kat, Civic Goods Company, Cubivino, Debbie Carlos, Debra Vaccaro, Elixir of Love, Emily Schroeder Willis, Envision Arts, Fourth is King, foxywhoo, Hello Sleepywhale, Katherine-Anne Confections, Kevin Riordan, King Onye, Laura Lombardi Jewelry, Legacy Frameworks, Megan Pryce, Morgan Martinson, Nick Paul, Paul Crisanti Jewelry, Pear Tree Preserves, Pleasant House Bakery, Pubic Media Institute, Puffs of Doom, Red Belly Studio, Ruth and Phil's Ice Cream, Shift x Tania Rodamilans, Spice of Life, Squasht by Les, Stu's Kitchen, The Plant / Alewyfe Apothecary, The Wool Dispensary, Working Bikes + others.​​


960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

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