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Lumpenwave: The Revenge of the 80s
Saturday July 27, 2002 @ Heaven and Buddy Gallery

Lumpenwave was a legendary party that spawned Hallowave.We gave away the Lumptronic 5 Lumpwave compilation to all attendees. It contains far out hits by: TM Schneider and KPT Mich.igan, Douggpound and Minnie Gearl, Chinese Johnny, Dj Mamacita and ANJB3, Martian Law, M. Mercer, Big Man vs. Pretzel of Energy, TRS-80, String Theory, Junior, Found Objects, Craque, Tinkerband and Space Soldiers.

Copy from the [ original website ] : [ Photos from the event ]

The most exciting event of the 80s is about to happen and you are gonna be there dude, taking it to the max! It's the totally radical Lumpenwave! Lumpenwave is the most important synthpop, electro, techno, new wave, new jack swing, hip hop, acid house, new romantic music fad to hit America! And now its here in Chicago!

No Way! ... Yes Way! Top 40 artists and international DJs are converging on Chicago for one nite only to celebrate the insidious genius of the 80s. And some of them will perform songs from Lumpen magazine's Lumptronic Five 80s music compilation! We're using new technology called Compact Disc (CD) and you get one when you come to the festival! This Lumpenwave Compact Disc contains 15 awesome tracks, most of them covers of your favorite MTV hits!

960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

Operating a Front for The Left
in the Arts since 1991

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