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Version>09 Immodest Proposals
April 23 - May 2 2009

The Version 09 festival website is MIA, but we have links to certain programming pages:

The [ Version 09 planning blog] is useful.

The information below shows our calls for particiaption. It came from this [ website ]

Each year we accept hundreds of initiatives, works and projects suggested by participants and collaborators. Our goal is to help facilitate and realize ones that best fit our festival goals, budget and capabilities. We use these platforms to structure the festival. Please keep in mind we will not be able to provide stipends of any sort due to fical restraints.

This year's exhibitions and programs include::

* Free University
* Live Musical Performances
* Performance/ Interventions/ Mobile Projects
* Web Selections
* A Catalog of Proposals
* the NFO XPO
* Version Group Exhibition
* Curatorial Projects
* Underground Multiplex (Film/Video)
* The Other
* Special Projects:
__Codename; Progressive Chicago Design Network:
__The Chicago Art Parade
__Codename: WPA Bridgeport Project 1
__Shelter Corps

Please examine our platform descriptions below to decide what part of Version you wish to help create.

Free University (FREE U)
Each year Version features workshops, presentations, demonstrations, talks, lectures and classes within the framework of the Free University platform. Ideas for provocations and projects as well as instructional guides, lecture and class ideas are welcome. This year we will partner with our local community center, The Benton House, to offer continuing Free University programs throughout the year. This year's Free U is looking at The Public School as a model to create ongoing classes.

Musical Performances
Performances will take place throughout the city in clubs, a church, independent art spaces and other facilities. Musical Performances will take place throughout the festival. Please provide online documentation if possible.

Performance/ Interventions/ Mobile Projects
Performance art in site specific locations, picnics, tours, public interventions, asphalt canoeing, anarchist marching bands, creative disturbances in public space are important components of the festival. Initiatvies by space hijackers and performance artists of all stripes welcome. Previous Public performances like Art War can be viewed here and here.

This year you might want to join the Chicago Art Parade (see below) or create a project for the WPA Bridgeport Project 1 (see below).

Web Selections
We prefer to select website and net art projects that highlight experimental technologies and media which directly enrich the public domain.

A Catalogue of Proposals
This year version will create a publication (zine) cataloging 101 Immodest Proposals. Texts will be duplicated, collated, and handed out during the festival. Please contribute manifestos, directions, how-tos, ink blots, illustrations, flow charts, maps and related data. Inquire for file format or mail copies to us at 960 W 31st Street Chicago.

The NFO XPO (“info expo”), an artist-run trade show bringing together artists, groups, and organizations to exchange art, information, and ideas. The NFO XPO exhibits international emerging commercial and non-commercial arts organizations, including galleries, project spaces, artist collectives, curatorial groups and publications. It is a model for the future of art fairs melding consumerism, activism and art. Images of previous NFO XPOs can be found here and here.

The NFO XPO takes place April 25 and 26, 2009 .

Version Group Show
This show features work based on the theme Immodest Proposals. Projects and works are selected by the festival staff and guest curators and is open to submissions. Links to previous group shows can be found here and here and here.

Curatorial Projects
In order to facilitate wider participation by visiting groups/guests from around the world Version provides project/exhibition spaces to curators, groups and collectives to share projects, initiatives, exhibitions and ideas to the general public via satelite exhibitions. Please send your proposal with samples of work that will be exhibited/shared including participant bios. We can provide larger spaces but very little remuneration for travel or expenses. If the project can be contained in a 10X10 sq foot space then you should consider presenting your project as part of the NFO XPO.

Radical Magical History Mystery Tours
Version would like guerrilla tour guides and unprofessional historians to give us tours. These can be self-guided, web based maps or guided tours on bike, foot, boat, golf cart... Tours will typically take place on week days and Sundays during the festival. This year we are proposing the Bridgeport Travel Bureau as a platform to conduct local tours within the Community of the Future, Bridgeport.

Underground Multiplex (Film/Video)
Underground Multiplex is our video screening program. Version and its sister festival Select Media Festival are always seeking fresh video projects: experimental, documentary, animation, and shorts of all types welcome. Send works on DVD or mini dv (NTSC). Send description/synopsis (under 500 words). Do not send masters. DVDs and tapes will not be returned. Curators are urged to send programs.
(The Video Sweatlodge may be a special project for this year's festival)
960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

Operating a Front for The Left
in the Arts since 1991

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