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Get It Together and Get It Together Again

Get It Together: Collage Assemblage & Collaboration was an event that took place in Chicago at Co-Prosperity Sphere. As an experiment in extracurricular gallery experience (say that 5 times fast), curators Chad Kouri of The Post Family and James Harry Ewert Jr. brought together local sweethearts of collage, mixed media and installation for a three dimensional freak out of color, form and material. The Participants of the show also asked the crowd to make some work of their own at a no-rules collage table in the center of the space. Everything created was then collected, documented and handed out to random people walking around the beautiful city of Chicago.

Participants: Chris Roberson, Emily Clayton, James Harry Ewert Jr, Rod Hunting, Matt Nichols, Adrianne Goodrich, Tyler Burke, Peter Skvara, Chad Kouri, Michael Pajon, Jim Kozar, Ed Marszewski, Ben Speckmann, Sarah Jeziorski, Ryan Duggan, and Richard Smith. Audio collage performances by Le Deuce and Rik Shaw.

Video and Images are available on the [ Get it Together Website]

Get it Together Again,” was an exhibition of assemblage, collage, and collaborative work by local, national, and international artists. Organized by Chad Kouri of the Post Family and Ed Marszewski of Co-Prosperity Sphere, the exhibition included over 25 works on paper, mixed media, and installations including a grocery store with hand drawn products made out of paper. Gallery visitors of all ages were able to sit down at a collage table and create their own work. Materials such as magazines, scissors and glue was provided.

The Show included works by: Adrianne Goodrich, Alex Valentine, Anthony Zinonos, Ben Speckmann, Chris Roberson, Chris Schreck, Doug Shaeffer, Emily Clayton, Greg Lamarche, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, James Harry Ewert Jr, Joe Tallarico, Jordan Martins, Mario Wagner, Matt Nichols, Matthew Rich, Michael Pajon, Netherland, Peter Skvara, Richard Smith, Rod Hunting, Ron Ewert, Ryan Duggan, Sarah Jeziorski, Scott Massey, Stephen Eichhorn, and Tom Torluemke.

Images from the show can be viewed at the [ Get It Together Again website ]

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