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Lumpen TLVSN
[ TLVSN Vimeo website ]

Lumpen TLVSN's mission is to present the finest in special events, interviews, films, exclusives and performance videos for your sensory pleasure. Most of our these clips are from the archives of Version Festival, Select Media Festival, Supersphere, and a myriad of Lumpen events. These films and performances represent pieces by some of the most talented cultural workers in the world. The show started out as a cable access program on chicago's Public access channel CAN 21. It migrated to Vimeo.

The Original Mission:

The general Idea::
TLVSN features documentary, new media, experimental and socially relevant work by artists and makers from around the world. By using the mass media outlet of cable tv, TLVSN creates new cultural TV options.

TLVSN seeks to expose viewers to an alternative network of impactful information and art. It's an effort at providing more cultural and political diversity on the "public" cablewaves. We challenge the assumptions made by those in power by participating in the sharing of alternative viewpoints, cultural forms, new artforms, and dissenting opinion. By providing socially driven and personal media art TLVSN hopes to become a viable and vital part of the Chicago public's public tv and internet options.

Our goal is to disrupt and interfere with the usual patterns of televisual viewing with deprogramming, presenting alternative, un-entertainment and unpopular culture. We want to use TLVSN as a canvas, create TLVSN as a high quality communication, present TLVSN as an arts transmission, foster TLVSN as a cultural education tool, investigate TLVSN as a communication experiment, transmit TLVSN with the people's news, initiate TLVSN as an antidote to Media Cartel monoculture, use TLVSN as an affordable Do-It -Ourselves medium and distribute TLVSN as a viable cultural tv option.


960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

Operating a Front for The Left
in the Arts since 1991

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