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Select Media Festival (one)
[ Festival website ]

We started Select Media Festival shortly after closing down our dotcommunist website Supersphere in 2002. The festival was inspired by tactical media conferences and festivals like net.congestion and the Next Five Minutes. It was our Fall Festival and sister endeavor to Version Festival. There were Nine annual festivals. The last Select Media Festival took place in 201o. It featured new media, live performances, film and video, tactical media, and visual art.

From the [ Select Media Festival 1 website]:

Select Media Festival Dec 5-8, 2002
advanced music / new screen film and video festival
experiments in media \ activist cinema

heaven/buddy/bond multiplex compound
1550 N. Milwaukee. 2nd Floor
chicago il 60622

Day pass $8-10 (suggested donation)
4 - day Festival Pass $25 ( presale available at Weekend Records and Soap)
Complementary Select #5 magazine/dvd with entry.

Lumpen Media Group and Select Media are proud to present an exploration of international movements in the digital underground of new media, film and video, experimental electronic music and tactical media projects. Our four-day diy insurgent media festival features a film and video festival, installations, a media lounge and showcase of Chicago's advanced electronic music scenes. Come check out over 300 aesthetically satisfying and socially explosive films and videos, 30 fresh performances and dozens of installations and presentations. The festival will be broadcast over WPBR and online at Streaming begins 9pm (CST), each day of the festival.

We will be presenting these programs in the heart of the beast, wicker park. Parking is available under the 'L" and mass transportation is easy, The Heaven/Buddy spaces are 1/2 block away from the Damen El stop.

Each day four simultaneous programming tracks will be shown to inform and explore what is happening now in the media arts scenes.

The Select Media Festival will present two main film/video programs in two screening rooms.

The 4th Floor Screening Room (above heaven) will present feature films, documentaries, short narratives, experimental shorts, animations and the Feature Filmmaker Series.
WHile the Heaven Screening Room will feature motion graphic work, music videos, video installtions, short video programs from makers, graphic designers and hybrid programs as well as innovative TV programming.

Simultaneously, in the Buddy space (next to heaven) advanced performance programs will highlight the best in Chicago's burgeoning experimental electronic music scenes. perfomances will begin at 9pm sharp each nite.

In the Heaven Media Lounge, a variety of installation work and ambient audio works, projects, kiosks, a media table, presentations and video karaoke will be presented,
Use the navigation elements on the left to find the programming tracks for each day of the festival or download the festival program pdf.

PDF PROGRAM v1.0 is now available



Select Media is insurgent arts production.

Select is a critical arts project that explores the emerging cultures in digital media, new music and the visual and outcast arts. We select the innovators in design, photography, painting, fashion, film, new media and new sound creation and explore their roles, impacts and meanings in various formats and presentations. We focus on both local and internationally created works and distribute representation and extensions of these projects via our micromedia efforts.

Select Media is a magazine
Select Media is a cd-rom
Select Media is an exhibition
Select Media is a dvd
Select Media is tactical media
Select Media is a website
Select Media is a music compilation
Select Media is a media arts festival
Select Media is a digital arts convergence
Select Media is a production and design group

ed@select-media or for more info.

SMF is directed by Edmar and organised with Dakota Brown, Logan Bay, Joel Bruner, Elisa Harken, Douggpound, Dave Dobie, Buddies Ringo, Caton, Jeff and Daniel, Nandini, Joe Collier and guest curators: group 312 Films, Microcinema, Die Gestalten Verlag, Yoshie Suzuki, Luuk Bowman, amd Guerrilla News Network.

Shout outs to : Hannah at Quimbys, Jerry of Video One, Abina Manning, Maripa and Adam at Thai Lagoon, Joe at VITW, Uprise, Myopic books and to the many media makers, performers and volunteers.



960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

Operating a Front for The Left
in the Arts since 1991

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