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Select Media Festival 2 • November 19-26,2003
[ Festival website ]

SMF2 included film and video programs at the Gene Siskel Film Center, exhibitions at Heaven Gallery and performance programs at Buddy and Rodan.

Copy from the Select Media Festival 2 website:

The themes of Select Media Festival 2 are Future Cultures and Cultural Interference:

Select Media Festival is an exploration of international movements in the underground of digital media, showcasing emerging and advanced audiovisual currents in music and motion. The insurgent media festival features video programs, installations, performance programs, street arts and showcases experimental and advanced music. We work with curators from international festivals and counter institutions to provide alternative glimpses into current forms of media making.

Future Cultures are a sampling of the directions artists and creators are taking in the parallel worlds of the counter cultures. Work from those battling the Disinformation Society, ideas regarding "multidimensional potentials of human experimental communications, and interceptions and interference with the world orders." (-tactical reality dictionary)

Cultural Interference is an examination of works by radical cultural activists and experimental video makers critiquing various coercive forces and systems. Mixing desktop editing techniques and a good sense of humor these makers appropriate work, divert and re-edit it as a way to register their dissent. Described as tactical mediaticians, culture jammers, troublemakers, media activists and pranksters, these creators create works that are a sampling of digital video underground.

At SMF 2 we released issue number 7 of Select Magazine. The magazine is an experimental media project highlighting interventionist art as cultural interference. Issue # 7 is a super tabloid magazine poster anthology called Street Prop, guest designed and co-curated by Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc. It is stuffed with stickers and stencils and much love.

You can [see images of the magazine at this link.]

The SMF 2 website lists the programming of that year's iteration. Of note was the anonymous program called Cremaster Karaoke sent to us from New York.

C & C Karaoke Factory
Two words: Cremaster Caraoke. A set of DVDs was sent to us by the C & C Karaoke Factory using the Cremaster cycle as video backgrounds for Karaoke songs. The first set has 21 songs.

We also unveiled Adopt An American and [Save America.] two web based satical campaigns to enable Europoeans to adopt an American.


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