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technotopia vs technopacalypse
( March 27-30, 2003 )

@ the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and other locations

Version>03 was our second convergence that took place at the MCA and additional venues throughout the city. The festival expanded and continued focusing on tactical media and digital arts. We have limited documentation available. But managed to find the festival website at

The festival program as a PDF can be downloaded via this [link]

technotopia vs technopacalypse
exploring the multitudes of technology, society, arts, activism and culture

Co-presented by Select Media and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

For its second annual festival of digital media arts, the MCA and Select Media examine two forceful trends, Globalization (the merging of economies) and Singularity (the adaptation of man to machine), as seen, created, and debated by programmers, artists, scientists, activists and critical thinkers. The five-day festival, Technotopia vs. Technopacalypse, brings together emerging and leading practitioners employing or responding to the latest advancements in virtual reality, robotics, biotech, and other such technology defining our time. The roster featured in concerts, films, installation labs, workshops, and panel discussions consists of proponents as well as critics of the latest developments.

Many believe the earth as a living system may collapse within the next few decades unless we take global actions at every level to bring in sustainable development and change the direction of the current dominating systems. Others believe benevolent applications of technology and science will save us from ourselves. And still others think the techno fetishization is a waste of time.

Version>03 will explore technotopian and technopacalyptic visions of the present and future through discussion, symposia, workshops, performance, installations, video and film screenings, and exhibitions. By examining practices, tools and ideas that direct us into the future, we hope to encourage dialogue, direction and action towards addressing real and speculative forces arrayed in the 21st century.

We will have conversations and investigations on topics identifying the technologies, cultures and economies affecting the creation of technotopian and technopacalyptic futures such as: wireless networks as strategic media; contestational robotics; new and old tools for radicals; tactical media projects; freenet open source cultures; fear and terror economies; resistant virtualities and global solidarity networks; security culture; robot armies and non-lethal weaponry; direct action strategies; parasitic media; genetically engineered foods; nano-technology; campaigning; tactical magic; technology and agriculture, and many other issues.

Projects to be featured at version>03 include:
tactical vending, freenetproliferation, gameboy music workshop, skillshare workshops,direct action workshops, experimental lectures, telepresence, virtual reality devices, streaming media workshops, version>03 Video library, networking, power mapping and others.

This year version>03 will take place at seven locations througout Chicago centering around the loop area and the West Town area of Chicago. The central conference and performance program will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA theatre program offers four days of musical performances, films, and a series of panel discussions. The Version Lab, adjacent to the theater, provides performance space for multimedia artists, video makers, and musicans. The lobby is transformed into an informational space for web installations and demonstrations by some of the best in the emergent media arts cultures.

As part of Version>03 the Chicago Cultural Center hosts Temporary Reconstruction Network Structure (TRNS), a thematic exhibition on the Singularity. The central component of TRNS is a series of immersive structures constructed using geodesic domes/pods. Supplementing these domes/pods are video projections, video and sound installations, sculpture, and robots. A film series runs during TRNS hours in the Claudia Cassidy Theater.

Selected programs of Version›03 are organized with the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs; the Department of Film, Video, & New Media at the School of the Art Institute (SAIC); the Visiting Artist Program at SAIC; Nomads & Homesteaders at the School of the Art Institue (SAIC); the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois Chicago; the Center for Art & Technology at Northwestern University; the Block Museum of Art, the Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute (SAIC), Genewsie and Criticalartware.

Additional support and programs by: Sharp, OVT Visuals, Bruner & Bay, Yoshie (Nipporn), Genewise, Smartmeme, Performance Department at the School of the Art Institute (SAIC); Heaven Gallery, Open-End Gallery, Buddy, Lumpen, Beige, SubRosa, Mike DiGioia, Elisa Harkins, Creative Rescue Organization (CRO), Method Media, So & So, Video Machete, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Working Bikes, 1926, Mod Square, Rotten Milk Productions, Face Five.

Version>03 is also a contribution to the N5M4 international tactical media festival taking place year round all over the world to culminate in May 2003.

//// Documentation of the actual version>03 Website can be found at:
excerpts are below:

About Select Media

Select Media co-presents and programs the annual Version festival and we are hoping this years focus will open up some directions to take into the near future... This year we will be examining two forceful trends, Globalization (the merging of economies) and Singularity (the adaptation of man to machine), as seen, created, and debated by programmers, artists, scientists, activists and critical thinkers.

Each time we produce a festival we like to create accompanying artefacts. For Version>03 we are releasing a number of media pieces to further distribute the ideas and goals of version>03. It usually takes the form of a special edition of Select. The Select Magazine is free to the public , but the CD and DVD will be for sale to the public during the Version>03 programs at the MCA and the Chicago Cultural Center Singularity Systems exhibit.

select magazine 6

Issue #6 of Select magazine is a companion reader for Version>03 [DigitalArtsConvergence]: Technotopia vs. Technopocalypse. It includs the festival schedule. many of these will be available in to get in the Wicker Park neighborhood before the fest begins.

Select #6 DVD is the companion video artefact to the Version>03 convergence. It features tactical media documentaries, weird videos and resistance media jamming. We also consider the dvd compilation a portable video festival and distribution format that we encourage you share with as many people as possible. Please screen it , dub it and pass it on.

Select # 6 includes these works::

Optimizer Customizer - Jan van Neunen
Tv Sheriff and the Trail Buddies - Ode to the Video Ape
Sunset Strip - Pete Bergeron
Retooling Dissent – Streetrec
Seeing Bush … Jan van Neunen
How To Buld A Bomb - Carbon Defense League (CDL)
GI Joe PSAs- Fensler Film Academy
Retag: retroactive logo distribution - conglomco
Dearraindrop videos - billy grant with help from joe grillo
Terra Vox - Jon Schnepp
Surveillance Report - 4N6
1-1-02-1-1-02 -Jesse Stiles
AC 130 Spectre –
Rosita Variations – c.o’d
Fire and Ice 2003 - Paul Deuth & Jeffrey Weeter
Hypno Chicken 2000 - Davy Force! –
Trash Factory - Jan van Neunen
Media Jack – 4N6 –
Arispeak -4N6 -
Blade runner – Earthfirst / 4N6

curated by J and Ed Marszewski

We also like sweet music.
The Lumptronic 6 Technotopia vs Technopocalypse CD project is a companion audio artefact for the festival. It contains work by some of the performers and musicians featured at the Version>03 convergence and also features a sampling of the digital underground in Chicago. To get a complementary copy stop by Sonotheque on Wednesday March 26 and help us celebrate its release at the Version>03 opening nite party.

track listings for the cds::

Lumptronic 6 Technopocalypse
1 Bit Shifter - Parallax Barrier 02:12
2 FWSB - Futurista 04:05
3 Denim and Diamonds - Disneyland in Iraq 02:54
4 Insect Deli - Mini Kiss 02:01
5 Misty Martinez - Stone Heart (produced by Robert Wilkus) 03:23
6 Chicago Uk - Virtual Heaven 03:26
7 People Remains - Indians 01:25
8 Housemaster Bert - Acid Beat 2K3 06:23
9 Pickup - Wargames 02:44
10 Michael Hartman - New Song #4 05:42
11 Koutaro Fukui - Untitled #5 02:17
12 Heavy Petting - Untamed Feline 05:46
13 Mike Finch - San Diego Lazer Tag 02:37
14 Miles Tilmann - Escape from Nothing 02:56
15 Amanda Gutiérrez - Gardenia 03:58
16 K-rad - 121pno 02:55
17 Just Jihaad - Enduring Freedom 03:49
18 Sonorous Hat - 6:30 06:32
19 Ernesto Romero - Euphoria 04:23
20 Rotten Milk - Commanding Battle Stations 04:26

Lumptronic 6 Technotopia
1 Ghost Arcade - GKUDB 03:47
2 J+J+J - Portable Ultra Sound 03:21
3 Handheld - The Show Endz 03:52
4 Denim and Diamonds - Cyborg Manifesto 04:00
5 Jason Martin - Please Assist Us in Transmission 03:58
6 Video Ape and Hot Tub Gary - Mouth Full of Gold and a Mouth on a Ho 03:57
7 Mouse on Mars - Snap Bar 04:29
8 Mark DeNardo - Fare (engineered by Koutaro Fukui) 02:36
9 Nobukazu Takemura - Wandering 07:46
10 Bud Melvin - Funky Conveyor Belt 02:02
11 0+1=Everything - Strung out 02:34
12 Chris Holmes - “We Want Moroder” Megamix (Good Songs Gone Bad) 06:21
13 Jesse Stiles - Head 06:28
14 Portable Dinosaur - What I Could Have Done Sideways 04:10
15 Delray - I Just Called... 04:59
16 Lord of Yum Yum - Grieg, excerpt from Peer Gynt Suite, “Hall of the
Mountain King” 03:25
17 In Potentia - While We Were Eating 05:00

curated by Doug Lussenhop, Jaime Pickup and Ed Marszewski


960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

Operating a Front for The Left
in the Arts since 1991

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