The Co-Prosperity Sphere (C-PS) is an experimental cultural center located in Bridgeport, The Community of the Future.

The space is used to showcase work by artists, performers and cultural workers of all stripes. The C-PS hosts exhibitions, screenings, presentations, installations, festivals, meetings, and performance programs in its 5,000+ square foot gallery.

The C-PS hosts the Lumpen Magazine office and the Public Media Institute; a non profit arts organization that helps produce the annual Version Festival and the Select Media Festival the new art magazine, Proximity, Pr, Matériel and the (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago. The sphere also contains a few artist studios, and a new artist residency program. We host monthly art exhibitions, talks, film screenings and the occasional street side bar b q.

Please join us at one our programs, stop by, grab a copy of one of our publications or a polish from the grill. Or walk on by and check out the latest window display by neighborhood artists and internationally reknowned troublemakers.

Sign up for event notices and more at the lumpen newsletter form .