Welcome to the Adventure City Treasure Hunt.

The Secret Order of the Armadillo, a Lumpen clerical group, is looking for adventurers to make a journey to help us do battle with the Real Estate Trolls. Their incessant drive to control Adventure City has thwarted the Lumpens and their allies and has brought darkness to land.

Your mission: Discover and follow a trail of clues that will lead you to our ancestors that settled in this land long long ago. You must discover the site of our ancestor's castle so that we may recover and use the secret treasures and technology that lay within. The Secret Order of the Armadillo will then find a way to break the hold of the Real Estate Trolls.

By locating the correct clues or saying the correct passwords to inhabitants of the land you will be ushered forward through Adventure City and be led to the secret site. The first person to reveal the location of the mothership will win a great reward. Cash, certificates, armor and a photo spread in Lumpen.

From time to time you will be instructed to read the Lumpen Handbook (Issue #100) to locate imbedded instructions and clues that are sprinkled on its pages.

Clues will also appear at different locations in the real worlds of Liquorland, the Principality of Podmajursky and Bridgeportia. ( Download maps to use for your orientation). Many physical clues can be discoverd by adventurers by seeking out a stenciled shield image (see picture) nearby the location you have been sent. These shields may contain letters and numbers that will direct you to the next location.

For example if you see a shield with the letter and number "P 22" in it. It means your clue will be found on page 22 of the Lumpen handbook. By looking into the handbook you will have to decypher where to go next. Other clues will be discovered in artefacts found at locations you have been sent to. And still others will direct you to a website URL that will give you instructions.

You must submit your location of the Mothership to Lumpen HQ by August 31. Time is running out!!! The final instruction will bring you to a cleric of the Secret Order of the Armadillo.

Wear a nice cloak, preferably green and get some nice boots. Prepare for your journey by looking at the maps provided. You will start In Liquorland and then journey south..

To RECEIVE YOUR FIRST CLUE YOU MUST EMAIL ed(at)lumpen.com and send a message with a SUBJECT that says:: The horses are on the track.


If you get stuck you may contact your secret agent cholo by using the divining device of the interweb land. contact ed(at)lumpen.com
He may or may not respond.

Download maps: