Select Media Festival 3
Insurgent Media Arts | October 13-22 2004 | Chicago U$A

October 20, 2004



2002-2004, Various Directors & Countries, 95 min.
Wednesday, October 20, 7:45 pm (Gene Siskel Film Center)

Comprehending the assault on reason while living in the Age of Bush and his wars on terror and drugs means reading between the lines, remixing the edits, and investigating mind control. The Program includes DEEP BLUE (Mark Boswell), SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE (Rick Silva and Trace Reddell),A PERCEPTION OF WAR (Ramon Grendene), DESPOTISM, THEN AND NOW (P Rettig),DRUG WAR REALITY TOUR (Stephen Marshall/GNN), 30 SECONDS OF HATE (Bryan Boyce), CLOSER (GNN), ALUMINUM (Tyrone Davies), TERROR IRAQ SERIES (Mike Nourse).



October 20, 2004

buddY 1542 N Milwaukee Ave 2nd Floor

20X20X20 is show and tell for grown ups. Think of it as an experimental forum to share ideas, projects, unusual information and personal obsessions. We invite fantastic people to share their passions, You get to meet them. The format is simple. 20 people are chosen to present. They each get a chance to share 20 slides or digital files for 20 seconds a piece. That’s approximately 7 minutes of action per person!

Admission: free with SMF3 pass or $5 suggested donation



2004, Nonny De La Pena, US, 60 min.
Wednesday, October 20, 8:00 pm (Gene Siskel Film Center)

Unconstitutional is an hour-long documentary detailing the shocking way that the civil liberties of American citizens have been infringed upon, curtailed, and rolled back since 9/11 -- all in the name of national security. In the rush to pass the USA PATRIOT Act, intelligence agencies have been empowered to "protect freedom and democracy" by destroying freedom and democracy. Real stories depict the personal loss of American civil liberties and present citizens who are resisting those efforts.

A member of the Illinois chapter of the ACLU will be at the screening for an introduction before and a Q and A after the film.


WATCH THIS! before you go vote.
A free, one-hour documentary, Watch This! is a multi-perspective meditation on the nature of political and creative dissent and the government's response in a post 9-11 world.

Shot almost exclusively during the Republican National Convention in New York, this film will surprise you about what really went on in the streets of NYC. A series of personal stories are intertwined to form a disjointedly coherent vision of reality. This complex reality breaks through the superficial nature of current political and social discourse.

Shot, edited, and produced in 40 days, Watch This! is being distributed for FREE as a high-quality download using traditional web sites as well as file-sharing technologies, such as bit-torrent.

Watch This! is produced by Glass Bead Collective (GBC) ­ a multi-disciplinary non-profit art collective.

Glass Bead Collective (GBC) is a multi-disciplinary non-profit art
collective. GBC produces projects from theatrical productions to films to real-time video art.