Friday April 21, 2006

Opening of The Group Group Show
Location: Version Kuntshalle at Iron Studios 3636 S Iron St. 1st Floor (enter through side)
Hours: 7pm - 2am
Tickets: $10/$5 (buy tickets)

The Group Group Show: Experiments in Collaboration
This year Version is pleased to present almost two dozen artist teams who are forming temporary collaborative initiatives in our experimental exhibition space the Version Kuntshalle. Artists have created works that range from parallel post offices, to installations of mixed media, messages to the future and imaginary tourist photo opportunities. The exhibition is a sampling of visual and conceptual work from internationally renowned cultural workers including many celebrated local artist heroes.

Featuring work and projects by:
E*Rock + Matt Chambers; Cody Hudson + Joe Meno + Evan Hecox; Paper Rad; Friends With You + Freegums + Jen Stark + typeStereo + Pres Rodriguez; Paranoid Critical Products with Christine Tarkowski, Director + Nat Ward, Laminates Engineer; Lauren Feece + Chris Silva; Juan Chavez + Seth Nixon; Sayre Gomez + Caytano Ferrer; Bridgette Buckley + Phoebe Fischer; Mike Slattery + Nick Black; The Art Shanty Project; John Alexander Holland + Whorce*; Research & Development Scientific Department with Lee Piechocki + Matthew Hoffman & Various Artists; Alexander May + Petrova Giberson*; Michael Merck + Heather Vernon; The Disassociates: Christopher Carl + Duk Ju L Kim; Logan Bay + Sandy Voratanitkitkul; J. Patrick Walsh III + Daniel Pineda*; Hilary Olson + Rosie Sanders + Liz Armstrong; GO! Postal with Simon Anderson + Nancy Bernardo + Sonia I Blaisten + Marty J.G.Burns + Bridget Bannon + Inge Hoonte + Kristen Kaniewski + Ian A Morrison + Anna Okubo + Patrick Page + Colby Shaft

Chief Curator: Ed Marszewski
* Collaborations curated by Steph Pavone and Brittany Reilly of Booster and Seven

On View Until May 7. Exhibition hours are Saturday and Sundays noon to 5pm. The Group Group Show will be open during other Version>06 Kuntshalle Programs throughout the festival.

Performance Program
Juiceboxxx (Milwaukee WI)
It’s A Trap
Benn Jordan (aka Flashbulb)
Cool Runnings DJ Collective
far rad

The first 200 attendees will receive the new Lumptronic 7 Compilation CDr featuring the work of artists performing during Version>06 Parallel Cities.


Public Projects
Public Projects are picnics, tours, public interventions, site specific performances, creative disturbances in public space, and initiatives by space invaders and hijackers.

8pm: Flocking Party on the Iron Studios Building.

Global warming, biotechnology, bird flu, what’s next? Humans, be prepared for a new kind of invasive species! Soaring with dips and dives, “THE FLOCKING PARTY” weaves a layered narrative about unnaturally intelligent birds. The pages of this electronic, online story contain research, reflections, and drawings, which build us a vision of the future. Produced by Chris Landau, “THE FLOCKING PARTY” relates complex environmental issues in an immersive narrative experience. Landau even partnered with a Detroit sound artist/engineer to compose its ambient audio-scape.
“ THE FLOCKING PARTY” embraces the tradition of science fiction, telling its environmental tale through the firsthand account of a bird watcher in 2035, Frank Landa. Frank tries to understand the Hebbets virus infecting avian brains as well as a world saturated with smarter and smarter flocks of birds. The drawings and writings he records in his electronic journal are layered with annotations from a future political party. The party broadcasts the journal, one thousand years later, to our present time, preparing us for turbulent environmental change, a transformation as big as the dawn of civilization.

Bring your lazer pointers as this presentation will take place on the side of the Iron Studios building.